Ibbani Jungle Resort


Discover your perfect haven in the heart of the bustling city, where relaxation follows every eventful-rich day. Our meticulously designed resort offer the highest level of comfort, ensuring a sanctuary for both adults and children. We are providing the ideal retreat to unwind. Make your stay in the city an experience of unparalleled comfort and relaxation – your home away from home.

Single Cottage with Jungle View

Escape to the tranquility of our Jungle View Cottages, available in both single and twin configurations. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury, where our accommodations offer a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. We prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring a content and joyful experience throughout your stay. Our stay providing the ideal haven for relaxation. Let our high-level service and thoughtful facilities make your stay an unforgettable retreat amidst the jungle’s beauty.

Twin Cottages With Jungle View


The Lake Room is a newly renovated studio apartment with breathtaking city views. Rest, shot moments and even enjoy a fully equipped work-from-home space. For the luckiest few, our penthouses on the 23rd floor featuring unparalleled views of the city and both rivers, custom kitchens with fully integrated prestigious appliances, five fixture windowed master baths and private outdoor space.

Our apartments for rent in the sky define the new benchmark of NYC luxury: expansive, exclusive and extraordinary from every vantage point. Dramatic window views with sweeping views of the city, Empire State Building, rivers, huge ceilings, custom solar and blackout shades, warm hardwood oak floors, unparalleled lifestyle concierge.